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In 1987, I went on a quest to obtain my first purebred dog. I researched many breeds,looked through books for information (no WWW then!), and went to a few dog shows. I narrowed my choices down to a handful of breeds. We also went to a dog show to talk to owners about their dogs.

After much research, and after weighing the pros and cons of this breed, we decided on the Flat Coated Retriever. I was attracted to their beauty, elegance, and happy-go-lucky nature. And even more to the fact that the breeders of this wonderful breed were--and still are-diligent about breeding sound, healthy, dogs that are versatile and of good temperament. The Flat Coated retriever is one of just a few sporting dog breeds that have not split into 'show' types and 'field' types thanks to breeders that have been and are committed to keeping these dogs dual-purpose.

Back to the dog shows-I was able to get a number of a breeder, who in turn sent me to Chris Chambers and Essex Kennels. We made arrangements to meet with Chris --and maybe--just maybe she would be willing to send me home with a puppy! We spent the afternoon with Chris and her dogs-watching her litter, asking her all about FlatCoats, and -oh yes- answering all of HER questions about us, our lifestyle, and expectations of a pup! Soon I had a phone call to come pick up my Flat Coat puppy - my first purebred and she was an obedience prospect--just what I was looking for!

Little did I know where Brandy (Ch Essex Perfect Harmony, Am/Can/UKC CD CGC TT) would lead me! She finished her Championship, a few obedience titles and became my foundation bitch. Brandy was the first Flat Coated Retriever to become a Canine Good Citizen - a program AKC started in the early 90's.


We (my husband Jerry and I ) live on 10 acres in Southeast Michigan with our
4 Flatcoats--grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Brandy.

I enjoy tracking, agility, obedience..and the show ring.

I am currently the webmaster of the Midwest Waterways Flatcoated Retriever Club
--and a past president, vice-president, and board member.

My husband prefers fishing the Great Lakes and hunting to dog shows-
He occasional comes to the shows, I occasionally go fishing ;)

I am a Master Gardener, newsletter editor of my local garden club
(which has an overabundance of dog show fanciers, judges and breeders!),
and am raising 500+ varieties of daylilys for market.

I also *dabble* in photography and have had photos of my
Flat-coats used in the AKC Gazette magazine, the FCRSA newsletter,
and the Flat Coated Retriever Rescue Brochure.

I am a member of :
The Flat Coated Retriever Club of America
The Flat Coated Retriever Club of Canada
The Midwest Waterways Flat Coated Retriever Club
The Northeast Flat Coated Retriever Club